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Archives of Weekly Columns at Crucial Minutiae (2007-2010)


All The World. Are we merely players in this world, with exits and entrances and several roles to play? What will be the last scene of all that ends this strange eventful history? Turn here for dialogue on and off record, as Cristina Pippa serves as your source of overheard conversations and scripted answers to life’s most pressing questions.


Generation Overwhelmed is a weekly column about the save-the-world, you-are-a-unique-snowflake upbringing, outsized expectations, and disillusionment unique to Generation Y. Courtney E. Martin looks at such issues as politics, activism, generational change, creativity in community, and the benefits of getting stupid with your friends.


Beauty in a Wicked World is about bringing pleasure to your senses. Jennifer Gandin Le will give you reasons why the world isn’t completely doomed just yet. “Nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world.” —Amos Lee.


Therapy Thursdays is a weekly column about all the ways in which we try to heal ourselves and our relationships. Every Thursday for two years in a row, Kimberlee Auerbach went straight from individual therapy to couple’s therapy. She wouldn’t be able to make through a spinning class, but throw into her session where she gets to talk about emotions and dynamics and she could last longer than the Energizer bunny. In this column, she intends to interview health care professionals, therapists, healers, workshop leaders and the average man and woman in his or her search for self-discovery and happiness.


Orienting is a weekly column about how we connect (mind AND body) to the places we inhabit. Does a vast desert provoke different parts of us than a cluster of skyscrapers in a city? What about the people we surround ourselves with? Molly May examines how place determines our relationship to the planet, each other, ourselves and why–in these crazy times–it matters.


Stakes is High is a bi-monthly column about pop culture, politics and the points of intersection between the two. Felice Belle will examine why a nation at war needs to believe in both Barack Obama and Britney Spears. She is eagerly awaiting a Native Tongues reunion tour.

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. The world’s most expensive pizza costs $4,201.31. Tall people tend live longer than short people. A toilet paper thief was apprehended yesterday in London. In our bizarro world, who needs fiction? Kate Torgovnick investigates.

Bits & Pieces takes for granted that most of us live in a sea of technology, even if we like to think otherwise. Pop culture and tech culture are mating, friends, and, once a month, Scott Lamb will use this space to talk about the ungainly children their coupling has created.

National Pastimes is a column about American addictions—politics, movies, TV, gasoline, shopping, lies and baseball. Theo Gangi talks about national obsession, and the root causes, undercurrents and trauma that make us susceptible fiends.

What’s going on with those Kidz Today? Once a month, Joie Jager-Hyman will address a different issue pertaining to youth culture, education, and public policy. The goal is to critically examine all the hot-button issues—from affirmative action to violence in schools—and how what happens today will impact the values, concerns and capabilities of the next generation.

The Rules is a provocative column where Ethan Todras-Whitehill sets forth the definitive truth on pretty much everything. Umbrage encouraged.