As regular readers of the site will have noticed, we here at Crucial Minutiae have somewhat disparate interests. As such, we each have our own sites to recommend. Without further ado…

Courtney E. Martin recommends:

Pop culture, political, and personal analysis by the next generation of feminist upstarts.

Girl with Pen
Author Deborah Siegel and friends bridge feminist research, popular reality, and the public.

How to Change the World
A practical blog for impractical people.

What would you do if you only had 37 days to live?

Cristina Pippa recommends:

Write Here, Write Now
This Brit screenwriter is “brilliant!”

Buffalo Rising
Cristina’s new guide.

Walking The Path: Living Yoga
Yogini genius.

Cathy DeWitt
A musician’s take on Arts in Medicine.

The State of Discontent
MOMocrat and salad grower.

Just Trying to Write Plays
A playwright’s process.

Ethan Todras-Whitehill recommends:

Five Oz. of Pain
An excellent MMA news and opinion site. My favorite are the posts where Sam Caplan tries to actually write intelligently and reflectively and gets slammed by the meatheads.

Sports + humor = good.

Scientific Blogging
More readable than a science blog should rightfully be.

I’m Not Feeling You
Photos plus witty blurbs by a Letterman writer.

Felice Belle recommends:

Smart, sophisticated, funny as hell, hip-hop video blog hosted by Jay Smooth.

The Black Snob
Politics, pop culture and pretentiousness courtesy of Danielle Belton.

Chinaka Hodge presents Thickwitness, for girls with hips.

Postcards + Community Art + Anonymous Secrets

Jennifer Gandin Le recommends:

Brilliant conversation about the intersection of race and pop culture.

Andrea Scher’s “Superhero Journal”
Photo-blog by a jewelry designer and photographer; full of honest reflections on creativity and motherhood.

Allison Winn Scotch
Two-time novelist and frequent magazine writer answers Qs and gives writing advice daily.

Kat Candler’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”
Austin-based indie filmmaker chronicles her projects and interests.

Rice Daddies
Asian-American dads blog about parenting, race, and pop culture.

The Hathor Legacy
Looking at film, TV, and gaming through a feminist and gender-studies lens.

The Angry Black Woman
Anti-racist and anti-sexist blog sharply written by three angry black women.

Indy Mogul’s Video Series
Helpful and goofy tips for no-budget indie filmmakers.

Kimchi Mamas
Korean and Korean-American moms blog about parenting, culture, and being Korean.

Joie Jager-Hyman recommends:

Center for College Affordability and Productivity
CCAP is an independent, not-for-profit center based in Washington, DC. The staff frequently writes about issues related to financial aid and efficiency in higher education.

“Through the lens of social science, eduwonkette takes a serious, if sometimes irreverent, look at some of the most contentious education policy debates.”

Democrats for Education Reform
Name says it all. The group puts the “active” in active critic (not that this is really a term people actually use).

Education Notes Online
Commentary on education policy “scene” with an eye toward issues in NYC Public Schools, the nation’s largest school district.

Confessions of a Community College Dean
Great perspective on funding and curriculum issues facing community colleges.

Kate Torgovnick recommends:

American Madness
News, criticism, and hilarity by Crucial friends Matt Cipriano and Josh Friedlander.

What I Did at Work Today
Office politics, crazy bosses, and other cubicle inanity.

This is Depression
If only everyone were as funny as my friend Paul.

BBQ is Good for Us
I may be a vegetarian, but I still dig my friend Andrew’s blog about BBQ.