Watch My New Short Film: Small Changes

This week, I’m sharing my own work, because I’m so dang proud of it. Chris & I, along with our incredibly talented Austin-area friends, created this 2 minute water conservation PSA in response to RainBird’s “Intelligent Use of Water” film contest. Austin is in the middle of the worst drought in 50 years, and last week, officials announced even tighter water restrictions, so this awareness-raising contest comes at a crucial time.

We had a great time making this film, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy!

Small Changes from Jennifer Gandin Le on Vimeo.

Written by Jennifer & Christopher Gandin Le
Edited by Matt Donaldson
Music by Liz Clark
Starring our brilliant friends and cohorts!

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5 responses to “Watch My New Short Film: Small Changes

  1. Jere Martin

    Loved it Jennifer and besides being well shot, written, fun and optimistic it was great to see you, Nick and Gareth. Can’t wait for the next film. Jere

  2. Molly

    Jennifer! This is spectacular. I love that the dry pasta, all of it. So wonderfully done.

  3. J.R.G.

    Well done! We’ve been collecting all of the water we use to rinse vegetables and fruit and whatnot and pouring it on our garden; it’s been fun. A few times I’ve been motivated enough to take a bath with biodegradable soap, then take the cooled water out to the garden in buckets.

  4. Thanks, Jere, Molly, and J.R.G.! I appreciate all the kind comments, and JRG, it’s awesome that you’re implementing these necessary small changes. I’ve been doing the bucket in the shower, and it’s eye-opening to see how much water flows down the drain, even with a low-flow showerhead, while it’s warming up.

  5. Beautiful work, Jennifer! I love the humor and upbeat music that you implemented while tackling such a very serious subject. I hope you win and that it RAINS for you!