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Swine Flu And Spring

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Validation, A Short Film Starring TJ Thyne

I got the tip on this clever, well-shot short film via Facebook. “Validation” is a fable about the magic of free parking, starring TJ Thyne (on “Bones”) and Vicki Davis, and directed and written by Kurt Kuenne (“Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father”). Spending 16 minutes watching this film is highly preferable to reading panic-bloated coverage about the swine flu, I promise.

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Top Five Dying Rules of Old Journalism

1. Never show your article to a source before it comes out.
“As reporters we are accustomed to exposing automakers who slap together cars and depend on recalls to make everything right. We have excoriated prosecutors who locked up innocents and then, discovering their error, set them free with a bare apology. Many of my colleagues think that front-page corrections are preferable to leaping into the unknown, but I don’t. It’s time we applied the principles of openness and accuracy we monitor in others to the practices we engage in ourselves.” -Jay Matthews

2. Stay objective. You are not your source’s friend. You are strictly a journalist.

This, in my experience, is not only impossible, but doesn’t lend itself to getting the most deep and accurate story. A journalist’s own emotional engagement and investment is key to colorful, insightful writing. Period. Each journalist has to find the sweet stylistic, ethical spot about how personal their relationship gets.

3. Print journalism is where it’s at.
Not anymore. Uh, duh.

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Brag Round-Up for Monday, April 27

Courtney Martin

  • “What the U.S. Government Can Learn From Three 22-Year-Olds on Taking Action for Iraqi Refugees” on Alternet.
  • “Seeking Justice in a System that Doesn’t Guarantee It” in The American Prospect Online.

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Earth Day 2009

egg-brown1Okay, I know some of you are rolling your eyes: “Earth Day, ughhhh, another batch of hippies preaching to the choir…. again.”  Actually, the term hippie is slipping away into the lockbox of the past, turning almost inapplicable today. In place of hippies, a new breed of young, educated, iPhone-using doers has taken to the front lines. The Save-The-Earth slogan has morphed into Save-The-Earth-And-Ourselves.

Environmentalists today aren’t necessarily on the free love train. Urgency has, some say, shifted priorities.

Last night at a party chez moi, a friend called me a hippie (in what context I don’t remember). I suspect he knew I would retaliate. The term feels marginalizing, loaded. If you are a hippie within hippies then it is awash. But hippies, like most groups, made a lot of people feel alienated. I don’t like creating alienation. As the night wore on and brownie-making began, I searched my kitchen for an egg I didn’t have. Another friend teased me good-heartedly, “Don’t you have a chicken out back on your terrace?” (Later explaining that I might  be the type to urban farm). Another voice: “Can’t you just ask your neighbor for an egg?” For a moment, I nodded, Yes, exactly–a thought quickly replaced by, Do people do that in NYC? I say hello to my neighbors when we pass on the staircase, but I’d feel weird knocking on one of their doors to ask for an egg. And, I’m not usually shy about such things.

Earth Day this year, (technically celebrated on Wednesday) symbolizes a new Earth Day. It won’t reach in front of current headlines about unemployment or health care and, let’s be honest, it might never do so. Nevertheless, for environmentalism, the make-over has begun. Continue reading


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On A Dance Break

I am done talking, and have decided I need to dance. A LOT!

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Lynn Nottage Wins Pulitzer

lynnnottageAs more information about the torture memos becomes public this week, it’s important to note that there is also a thrilling news story related, in a way, to torture. Lynn Nottage has won the Pulitzer Prize for her play Ruined, a story about women in the Congo who have been systemically raped and tortured. I haven’t had the privilege of seeing the play, but everyone in the Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts has been buzzing about this play for months, especially about the way it takes a hard look at something awful, yet leaves the audience with great catharsis and hope.

The show has been extended through May 10th, so go get your tickets!

Melissa Silverstein at Women & Hollywood has a great write-up about why awards matter, for the individual artist being honored and for the larger community of women and people of color who are making great work.

Thank you, Ms. Nottage, for creating more space for future artists, for bringing Americans’ attention to horrors we must face as fellow human beings, and for using the powerful medium of live performance to convey hope even in the middle of hopelessness.

Interview with Nottage at Manhattan Theatre Club’s website.

Playbill’s coverage of the honor

Daily News coverage

P.S. Emily, you totally called it.

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