Beauty at SXSW, Day 6: Movement

I’m just home from seeing my 19th movie in seven days. I saw my first real stinker tonight. I won’t name names, but I will explain why it was so bad: the filmmakers’ attempt at humor was based solely in basic physical comedy (not in itself a problem), poop and fart and balls references, misogynist jokes, and racist caricatures. It was really really lame. And the worst part is that there were people laughing in the theater.

The crappiness of that 90 minute experience was countered by the simple pleasure of riding my bike to and from the theater at dusk. The day was warm but the evening was cool, and it felt satisfying to move my body outdoors after days and days of sitting in dark theaters engaging my brain.

Beauty in a Wicked World is a weekly column by Jennifer Gandin Le. It appears on Wednesdays, with a special daily edition during the SXSW Film Festival.

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