Beauty at SXSW, Day 5: A Spike Lee Joint

spikelee1Hands down, the coolest moment of my day? Watching the new Spike Lee Joint, Passing Strange, on the big screen — while sitting right behind Spike Lee himself. It was wild to get to watch a director watching his own film. I don’t get star-struck easily, but that was really freaking cool.

The movie is a dynamically filmed and edited recording of the Broadway play of the same name, created by the musician Stew and his musical partner Heidi Rodewald. As I got the chance to tell him after the screening, I have never seen the raw energy of a live theater performance captured so well on film.

This one will be coming to you via IFC and PBS eventually, so keep an eye out for it, and see it on the big screen if you can. It destroys the old assumption that you can’t film theatre effectively. Spike Lee and his team just did.

Photo by Flickr user s.maentz

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2 responses to “Beauty at SXSW, Day 5: A Spike Lee Joint

  1. Elz

    I LOVED Passing Strange. I got to see it twice while it was here in New York. However Spike Lee wasn’t sitting right in front of me either time.

    If you want to see more of Eisa Davis, who plays the mother, she’s starring in “Angela’s Mixtape” at the Ohio Theater in Soho. Previews begin April 6, with opening night April 9. It was written by Eisa herself, about growing up with her aunt, the legendary Angela Davis. Linda Powell, the daughter of Colin Powell (as in, “the”) plays Angela Davis.

    Angela’s Mixtape is a co-production of New Georges and ehem, Hip-Hop Theater Festival. Don’t miss it!

  2. Thanks for the info, Elz! “Angela’s Mixtape” sounds very cool, and Eisa Davis was stunning in “Passing Strange,” so I can only imagine how good this new show is going to be. Congrats on such a collaboration and production! I’m so jealous of all you New Yorkers who get to go see it!!