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You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Petvertising

In my neighborhood, people love their dogs. Every other block here boasts a pet boutique that sells coats, sweaters, and even hoodies sized for little Fido. At all hours of the night, there is at least one French bulldog or Scottish terrier being paraded down the street. And when a cute dog passes you on the street, it’s customary to coo and stop to pet him/her for a minute. So I’m counting the minutes until someone steals this idea from a company in Novosibirsk, Siberia: paying pet owners to use their dogs as walking billboards. “Obviously companies now are asking how they can keep their products visible without having to spend vast sums of money on expensive multi-media campaigns,” said a spokesman for Promo Dog. “Dogs go everywhere and are highly visible on the streets.”

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The Distractions, Vol. 3

“Orange. Like Clockwork Orange.” A patient’s uncle painted patches of water color, meticulously, one by one. He gave a running commentary about each patch, more for himself than for anyone else, and ended with a recitation of “To be or not to be…” This was not the type of guy you might expect to know Shakespeare by heart. I asked if he was ever an actor. “I just shake, you know? Shake, shake.”

Soon, there were seven would-be painters around the table. “Let’s make a poem about what we’re thankful for,” I said. “I’ll write while you paint.”

My mom and dad, my kids. The list started with what I thought were the basics. Mr. Clockwork Orange added My Creativity, My Good Ideas. “That’s great,” I said as I wrote in big, loopy letters. We so often forget to appreciate our own mind, our own imagination– even if we’re pros at recognizing brilliance in others. The poem ended with the additions of A place to sleep, Food to eat, My own plate to eat that food off of, All things I didn’t have before.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll tell you my gratefuls if you tell me yours!

I just realized that my first vlog ever was posted a year ago today. It’s my year anniversary! Wow! Thanks for watching! And thanks Ethan for suggesting the idea to me! I am grateful for all of you! Amen.
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National Day of Listening

On Friday, instead of waking up at 4 a.m. to go spend money we don’t have anyway (seriously? What’s with those ads of women stepping into high heels at 4 a.m. for a sale?), consider taking part in StoryCorps’ first annual National Day of Listening. In the last five years, StoryCorps has helped more than 40,000 Americans record their stories, creating a massive oral history project.

On their website, they include instructions with tips on how to spark a meaningful conversation with someone around you and record it, if you can, the day after Thanksgiving — your grandmother, parent, sibling, friend, neighbor. Anyone whose story you would like to hear for one hour on Friday. They’ve got interview examples on the website; I highly recommend sampling them. I’m a personal history nerd, so I love listening to these stories.

Also, I would be remiss if I did not share the live web feed that has swept the internet in the last month: six Shiba Inu puppies, which have garnered over 6 million viewers since they’ve been online. After the cut, you can see why. This is great for entertaining the varied generations gathering at your home for the holiday:

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Slow Blogging

You’re heard of the slow food movement, right? Well now folks are bringing that same sensibility–a mindful, patient, sensual exploration of the full enjoyment of the present moment–to one of the fastest of mediums: the blog.

The New York Times had a fascinating story on this trend on Sunday. It turns out that there is even a Slow Blog Manifesto, written in 2006 by Todd Sieling from (of course) Canada. Sieling writes:

Slow Blogging is a reversal of the disintegration into the one-liners and cutting turns of phrase that are often the early lives of our best ideas. Its a process in which flashes of thought shine and then fade to take their place in the background as part of something larger. Slow Blogging does not write thoughts onto the ethereal and eternal parchment before they provide an enduring worth in the shape of our ideas over time.

He also encourages others to write their own Slow Blog Manifesto and, indeed, they have. The description in the NYT piece of Professor Barbara Ganley’s slow blogging actually reminded me of our very own Molly May.

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Brag Round-Up for Monday, November 24

Courtney E. Martin

Cristina Pippa

Kate Torgovnick

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Love and Marriage and Prop 8

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